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Abstract: The Idea of Designing and Implementation of Security Based ATM theft project is born with the observation in our real life incidents happening around us.

This project deals with prevention of ATM theft from robbary.so overcome the drawback found in existing technology in our society. When ever robbery occurs, Vibration sensor is used here which senses vibration produced from ATM machine. This system uses ARM controller based embedded system to process real time data collected using the vibration sensor. Once the vibration is sensed the beep sound will occur from the buzzer. DC Motor is used for closing the door of ATM. Stepper motor is used to leak the gas inside the ATM to bring the thief into unconscious stage. Camera is always in processing and sending video continuous to the PC and it will be saved in computer. RTC used to capture the robber occur time and send the robbery occur time with the message to the nearby police station and corresponding bank through the GSM. Hear LCD display board using showing the output of the message continuously. This will prevent the robbery and the person involving in robbery can be easily caught. Here, Keil tools are used to implement the idea and results are obtained. keil tools is used for run the DC motor and stepper motor for automatic door lock and also leak the gas inside the ATM.



In today’s technically advanced world, autonomous systems are gaining rapid popularity. As the social computerization and automation has been increased and the ATM and credit card has been installed and spread out to simplify the activity for financial activity, the banking activity has been simplified, however the crime related with financial organization has been increased in proportion to the ratio of spread out of automation and devices. Those crimes for the financial organization have been increased gradually from year 1999 to 2003, little bit decreased in 2004, and then increased again from year 2005.

In the year of 2007, 212,530 of theft and 4,439 of robber cases are happened, and 269,410 of theft and 4,409 of robber cases are happened in year 2010 and also in the year 2011, 270,109 of theft and 4,509 of robber cases are happened .so that the cases of theft and robber have been increased gradually during past 12 years.

Among the crime for financial organization, the cases of theft and robber have very high proportion of over 90% and the crime for the ATM has been increased because the external ATM has been increased and it is always exposed to the crime.

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