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This study investigated on how tourism can serve as a tool for economic diversification in the country, Nigeria. Special focus was on the difference in visitations over the years under investigation to the various tourists attractions within the state. Information for the study was basically from the questionnaire survey and participatory research method. The generated data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as mean, simple percentages and graphic illustrations. The study demonstrated that there was a steady increase in the number of tourists visit to the various attraction sites in the area and that the greatest increase was observed in the number of tourists visiting for the purpose of cultural festivals. The result show that tourism influenced employment status, including enhancement of the people’s income in the state. Based on the a forementioned findings, it is recommended that all stakeholders in the tourism industry should be involved in the planning and execution of tourism projects and that tourism activities be organized all through the year to ensure more tourists visitation and avoid seasonality in the tourism industry.




This paper provides as analysis concerning existing structural deficiencies and socioeconomic  factors  which  impact  on  the  efficacy  of  tourism  as  a  tool  for  long-term sustainable diversification development  in  Nigeria.  It  also  presents  policy-related  suggestions  on alternative   tourism   strategy   which   can   assist   to   ameliorate   the   social   and environmental  impacts  of  tourism  development  and  enhance  the  efficacy  of  the industry in promoting : economic diversification and a long-term sustainable development. 

Nigeria provides a good example of an African country which has embraced tourism as an important tool for socio-economic development.  In  the  short-term,  Third  World Countries in general, and Nigeria in particular, viewed the development of tourism as a quick and reliable source of much sought after foreign exchange receipts, job creation and economic growth. Whereas in the long-term it is usually envisioned that tourism development will contribute to economic diversification and, in consequence, reduce excessive over-dependency on the exportation of conventional raw materials. This is due to the fact that because the consumption of tourism products occurs at the place of  production (the  destination)  it  has,  through  its  various  possible  linkages  and associations  with  other  industries (i.e.,  transport,  agriculture,  fishery, forestry, construction, handicraft), potential multiplier effects on the local, regional and national economy. However, a critical evaluation of the evolution and development of tourism in Nigeria indicates that the country's tourism industry faces socio-economic problems and structural deficiencies which reduce the industry’s efficacy as  a tool for  local, regional and national development. For instance, there are extremely high leakage rates of the country's tourism revenues to external sources.  It has been estimated that sometimes as much as two thirds of the gross tourism revenues go to foreign owned tour operators, and airlines, as well as to pay for imported commodities for tourists and the tourism industry .As a consequence, insignificant amounts of the tourism revenues trickle down to local people who are usually employed in servile and lowly paying jobs, and bear most of the negative social and environmental impacts of tourism development. 


1.2Statement of the Problem

The statement of the problem is on how to develop and promote tourism as a Panacea for Economic diversification in the State and the country at large. How can it generate fund and revenue to the nation by this means. Due to negligent to tourism and care the tourist centres are dying off, by which this research work is carried out to help care the situation.


1.3Research Questions / Hypothesis

For the researchers to remain focused, it is imperative to provide answers to the following questions:

1.How can tourism be developed and promoted as a panacea for Economic diversification in the State?

2.What are the factors that can motivate people’s interest to tourism?

3.Could tourism be practised in our community?  

4.What is the trickle down effect of tourism in the nation?

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