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The development of computer in the 20th century has done great work in different spheres of life. Development is very important not only for the benefit of the persons concerned but for the benefit and the survival of any society or nation. Computers have gone along way to help in different aspects of life. 

The development of these computers will bring about better services rendered by the computer. Development means the gradual growth of something so that it becomes more advanced, stronger e.t.c. It also means the process of producing something new and more advanced.

Computer development is necessary, because help to annul those problems that was noticed when using some computers in those days. Problems like too much heat produced, slow in processing to mention but few. Development helps a community or society to achieve their dream on what the computer should be like.

Thomas (1982) shows that his view in development is a wise expenditure. He went on to highlight that any society without development can not move forward. Despite the fact that development involves advancement in different aspects of life it also brings about changes in technological, financial and other spheres of life.

Many parents are always concern about the future of their children, that is why they want their children to be in the best schools in town. Development of computer has gone along way to help these students learn in schools in a more easier way. The advancement of these computers has brought about ease in learning. Faster computers produced due to advancement in technology are aid calculations and other arithmetic works.

The development of computer in various aspects has prompted the researcher to write on this issue.




The issue of computer development has been seen the existence of computer. Many people since the introduction of computer have been doing their work in a better and easier way.

The development of computer in the 20th century has brought about changes in different aspects of computer. Development has taken place in different aspects of computer. The speed, the amount of heat produced the size of the computer, to mention but few. Formally computers where usually very big and expensive. But today it is not so as modern computers are not big and are less expensive compared to the earlier ones.

Computer in modern time has a variety of use. Computers are used in banks, schools and offices. They are use for buying and selling of goods, downloading graphics, programs, reading news to mention but few. They can be used in calculating and solving arithmetic problems. Computers have come along way in providing information about any subject. Students in schools use a computer with an internet service to do their assignments. The more students and other learned people go in to research the better and more advanced computers for developments will be.



It was earlier stated in the work by the researcher that, development is a necessity in the advancement of any society or nation. In the development of computer there are many challenges. Some of these challenges are lack of research materials, and also insufficient information. The reason the slow development of computer may be, lack of industrious students who are ready to go into research. This is intended to find the development of computer in the 20th century and recommending measures that will help to develop computers faster.



This research is specifically significant so as to attain the following aims:

i.To investigate and identify some of the reasons that has contributed to a slow rate of computer development.

ii.This will go along way to help researchers to know the things to do in order to develop computers in a faster and financially better way.



This research work is based on the following assumptions:

a.There is a slow rate of computer development in the society.

b.There are no enough research materials available for the computer researchers.

c.There is no enough money for the researchers



Research questions are sued by the researcher to cover facts and additional information about the topic.

i.Are research materials readily available for the computer researchers?

ii.Is the money involved in computer research much?

iii.Is the rate of computer development encouraging?



For the purpose of this research the following hypothesis are considered.

1.The development of computer is not very fast.

2.The attention of Nigerian government towards computer researchers is very low.



All aspects of work done by man is confronted with some problems therefore, in carrying out this investigation; the researcher is confronted with some problems ranging from many (financial problem) to inadequate material available for research. The problem of finance in research has really affected the rate of computer development. More so, inadequate material has also affected the rate of computer development in the sense that without the materials for research, the effort of the researcher is in vain. Therefore, these materials are essential for research purpose.



The following terms are defined as used in this project.

DEVELOPMENT: the gradual growth of computer so that it becomes more advanced, stronger.

COMPUTER: is an electronic machine that can store, organize and find information, do calculations and control other machines.

COMPUTING: the fact of using computers.

ELECTRICAL: connected with electricity usage.

ROBOT: a machine that can do some tasks that a human can do and that works automatically or is controlled by a computer.

NETWORK: to connect a number of computers and other devices together so that equipment and information can be shared. 

PROGRAMS: a set of instructions in CODE that control the operations or functions of a computer.

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