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Green architecture has become a significant part of the path to a sustainable future and green buildings in particular. It involves the practice of creating structures using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle. This study explores and evolves methods and techniques, which ensure the broad application of green architecture principles in five star hotel designs. It focuses on the identification and incorporation of green building practices within the tropics which has been chosen as the study environment. The study is meant to create awareness and enlighten hotel developers and users on the advantages of green building principle. It will highlight various benefits of applying green building in hotels and how it can help to minimize energy, improve indoor air qualities and well being of users at large. For vivid illustrations, various Principles, Theories, Strategies, and Application Techniques were evaluated and reviewed. Also, various design considerations on hotels were made so as to ensure proper integration of the building with the site and the immediate neighbourhood.




The origin of the term ‗hotel‘ appears to be French. It seems to be closely linked with the word ―inn‖ which originally was a stop-over for travelers of the middle class who just wanted a place to lay the head for the night. Then, these places were not really commercially oriented and admitted only on goodwill. Later, the inn developed into ―a public place for the lodging and entertainment of travelers, or any person wishing to use the accommodation. Some of these inns became large and of more pretentious in nature and were referred to as hotels. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The function of hotel has graduated from the early simple operation of providing guests with foods and a place to lay their heads to a wide variety of complex services which include Provision of lodging and comfortable accommodation, provision of assorted types of meals, provision of halls for conferences and seminars, provision of recreational and leisure facilities, Provision of laundry and cleaning services, provision of modern amenities like car hire service to guests, telephone and telex facilities, bank, shops, Provision of adequate parking facilities for guests‘ automobiles. Therefore, hotels worldwide have been classified based on the amount of services offered to users and the scale of facilities provided. The classification of hotel is from one star (*) to five star (*****). In Nigeria, this evaluation exercise falls under the jurisdiction of Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC). Hotels are generally starred and the classification standards adopted in Nigeria stipulate the minimum size of hotel established-measured by the number of rooms and hotel structure. This study is centered on the application of green building strategies in a five star hotel. Five star hotels provide more facilities and services than lower star hotels. They offer the following services in addition to normal accommodation and meal provision expected of a hotel: ...Get Complete Material.

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