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A review of current literature demonstrates that very little material is available to assist churches on how to effectively communicate on the subject of sexuality in the African American church context. The purpose of this project is to illuminate the African American Church regarding the nature of this project on sexuality in the African American Church, its common elements, and an effective strategy for preparing a project.

By applying a strong understanding of current and past literature reviews, surveys and questionnaires sent to homes and churches, in addition to interviews and workshops, the project reviews historical African American Church perspectives and present African American Church and personal perspectives regarding the project. This project will be more than a paper. This will be a practical application that would become a program model consisting of tangible items to create accountability to the African American Church. Furthermore it reviews the elements which are common to most projects, and offers practical advice regarding the successful preparation of these elements.




Without exception, in ministerial associations and ministry conversations, pastors and

laity of churches are frustrated and unprepared to address sexual education methods that are both

effective and economical. In the current economic climate, churches are quite conscious about

image and expenses. However, pastors want to have ministries that are effective, cost efficient

and budget minded. The author has pastored for five years and has many acquaintances with the

frustration of the African American church lack of teaching on such a vital topic as sexual

education. This project will offer vital information to help African American churches deal with

sexual education within the economic confines of the church. Based on enthusiastic response and

interest shown in conversations and correspondence, it appears that churches are looking for the

kind of answers this project will provide.

This paper offers a critical examination of spiritual, personal and social dimensions of

human sexuality, an investigation into the meaning of sexual justice for church and society, and

an opportunity to frame a constructive social ethic of sexuality for “keeping body and soul

together” in these times. 1 The author’s goal is that readers will have a deepened awareness of

personal, social, cultural, and religious dimensions of sexuality, especially as these affect

selfhood and community. Also by exploring the meaning of sexual justice for church and

society; this paper will critically use appropriated insights from various sources, including

scripture, tradition, social and natural sciences, and the Christian womanist movement. ...Get Complete Material.

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