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Development of urban Multi-Purpose Cadastre is very useful in Land information management in urban environment. However, such information system could be made more meaningful and useful if it can be extended for multiple usages with multi data layers, and in three-dimensions (3D). This project discusses how to develop and implement a multipurpose cadastre of Busari Olarinre Scheme Layout in Atiba, Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo State. This was achieved by providing systematic procedure for recording information on the allocated parcel of land, both spatial and attribute data, link both spatial and attribute database and perform some analyses, to demonstrate the capability of multipurpose cadastre and Performing spatial query and analysis which will serve the user's needs satisfactorily. Primary and secondary datasets of the study area were acquired, processed and analyzed using ARCGIS 9.2 software. In order to obtain the best answers from the database queries, single and multiple criteria query were performed using GIS techniques. The results of database queries were presented in form of multipurpose cadastral map and tables and subsequently discussed. It is recommended that similar project should be carried out in other part of the country. It is also recommended among other things that multi-purpose cadastre maps should be made available to decision makers in order to enhance efficient socio-economic administration.




Cadastre is the term used to describe the process of acquisition and ultimate ownership of a land

parcel on the surface of the earth within a regional boundary such as a country. Dale and

McLaughlin (1988) described land as the primary resource for wealth creation. The economic

and social well-being of a populace depends on the activities being taking on land. Land here

refers to both land surface and sea surface; this can be above, on and below these surfaces.

Property or land administration for any country needs to be effective and secured, hence

countries all over the world require accurate demarcation of land parcels to determine location

and extent of land parcels, establish accurate land ownership and ensure the proper

documentation of land related data. Subsequent documentation of a cadastre is guaranteed to

serve as security to land ownership thus serving as a vehicle for social and economic change.

The cadastre also serves as the supporting tool for land policies, fiscal policies and agricultural

policies. Current European multipurpose cadastral systems are intended for either taxation or for

title registration for planning purposes. Common denominators in these types of cadastre are the

unambiguous identification of spatial property and a standardized numbering scheme that is

uniformly referenced. This identification method allows different vertical application areas, such

as taxation, legal, and planning offices, to refer to the same real property. Thus, when the fiscal

cadastre promulgates a change on the tax record of a specific parcel, a map from the cadastre

system shows the tax information changes on the same parcel for the legal cadastre.

The cadastral system in Malaysia is a parcel based systems and can be considered as 2D system

that provides land and property information such as basic ownerships of the parcels. Current

information and GIS technologies able to provide better information as more and more cadastre

system users were engaging with complex real world situations especially in big cities and also

for advanced applications. In other words existing cadastre system needs to be extended for those ...Get Complete Material.

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