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Certification.. iii

Declaration.. iv

Dedication.. v


Table of Contentvii


Chapter One. 1

1.0       Introduction.. 1

1.1       Background of the Study. 1

1.2       Statement of the Problem.. 1

1.3       Objectives of the Study. 2

1.4       Significance of the Study. 2

1.5       Limitation of the Study. 3

1.6  Definition of Terms  3

Chapter Two.. 4

2.0       Literature Review.. 4

2.1       Meaning And Scope of Small Scale Hotel4

2.2 The Small Scale Business. 5

2.3       Importance of Small-Scale Business Activity. 6

2.4       Organogram of Small Hotel9

2.5       Case Studies. 11

2.6       Problems Facing the Small Scale Hotels. 12





Chapter Three. 16

3.0       Research Methodology. 16

3.1       Methods Of Data Collection.. 16

3.2       Problems Encountered during Collection.. 17

Chapter Four. 19

4.0       Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation.. 19

Chapter Five. 30

5.0       Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation.. 30

5.1       Summary. 30

5.2       Summary of Finding. 31

5.3       Conclusion.. 32

5.4       Recommendation.. 32

References. 34

Appendix I35

Questionnaire. 35





This research work was carried out through the collection of some useful data collected from different sources which include the collection of data, via personal interview and the use of questionnaire given to staff as well as customers of Banuso Hotel, K. J. Hotel and Flora Hotel Ede Osun State. The secondary data was gotten from different textbooks. This work was carried out on the problem facing small-scale hotels in Ede Osun State. This research work has been divided into different chapters: Chapter one contains the following; introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the study, definition of term. Chapter two is literature review, meaning and scope of small hotels was discussed also the small-scale business, importance of small scale business, organogram of small hotels.   Chapter three comprises research methodology, method of data collection, problems encountered during data collection. Chapter four consists of presentation, analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter five includes summary, summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations.

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