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          This research work is mainly on the marketing of communication services in our Nigerian television with special emphasis to Nigeria television authority Channel 8 Enugu.  The data needed for this study was collected from the employers/staff of the television house.  The objective is to find out how this channel will be able to reach it’s numerous customers with adequate and reliable information at their door post around and all over the world.  Also to determine the amount of satisfaction customers derive from the present state of communication services by the channel.




The research methodology employed were  questionnaire and observations of how communications services are marketed to reach its numerous customers.  Also Desk research was employed and most of the vital information was collected from both primary and secondary sources of data collection.  However, the use of statistical models and chi-square was not used to test the hypothesis because the population used was not definite.  From the analysis of the data obtained it was discovered that Nigeria television Authority Channel 8 Enugu has a very vast area of coverage.  That the quality of their services is able to meet the needs and demands of this numerous customers.  With the observations made by the research, It was recommended that the Nigerian Television authority channel 8 Enugu should do the following.

(a)              Should maintain their high quality of services.



Table of contents                                                                              x


1.1            Introduction                                                                                      1

1.2            Statement of the problem                                                                  4

1.3            Objective of the study or statement                                         6

1.4            Hypothesis                                                                              7

1.5            Limitations and delimitation                                                   8

1.6            Definition of terms.                                                                 9

CHAPTER TWO                           

2.1            Literature review                                                                     13

2.2            Television marketing                                                               18

2.3            Problems of the television Industry Nigeria                                      20

2.4            Problems encountered                                                             21

2.5            Characteristics of services                                                       22

2.6            Marketing mix for services                                                      23

2.7            Improving service quality and productivity                                      25

2.8            Improving service productivity                                                         26

2.9            Branding of services                                                                27

2.10       Positioning of service                                                              29


Methodology                                                                                     32

3.1            Researcher design                                                                    32

3.2            Sources of data                                                                        32

3.3            Population of study                                                                 32

3.4            Sample size determination                                                       33

3.5            Sample techniques                                                                            35

3.6            Method of data collection                                                        35

3.7            Validation of research instrument                                           36

3.8            Questionnaire allowance and administration                                    36

3.9            Method of data analysis                                                          38

3.10       Significance of study                                                               38


4.0     Analysis and presentation of data                                           40

CHAPTER FIVE                  

Conclusion                                                                                       54

5.1            Recommendations                                                                             56

5.2            Summary                                                                                 58

Bibliography                                                                                     60

Appendix I

Appendix II

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