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Marketing as a profession consists of all individuals and organizational activities designed to facilitate and expedite exchanges so as to achieve the goals of the producers/sellers by sensing and satisfying consumers needs at an exchange process.




In line with the topic in which solutions are sort, the researcher went into the study to find the problems associated with marketing of church programmes and how satisfied the prospective and current consumers are to the services of some selected Pentecostal churches in Enugu metropolis as it is expected that each of the parties concerned need to part with something of value.




Church according to Donovan (2005:5) is a living institution which is eternally joined to Christ, whose task is to guide and bring all its children to God in his eternal kingdom.




The church as a universal entity has from the beginning of human history exerted most influence in the development of humanity. The church according to Dr Ludwig ott is a designation for the Christians cult-structure since the beginning of the fourth century. In the profane sense, it designates the assembly of the people, the civil community or any kind of gathering of people but in the religion sense it means the community of God. Other synonymous designation is the kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God church, and house of God e.t.c.  But the Roman catechism supported by St. Augustine (psalms 149.3) gives the following definition of the concept “the church is the faithful of the entire whole world”.




In the contemporary, we have the churches in every nook and cranny of the world. Each without doubt has gone into massive advertising with commercial jingles and messages competing for our attention daily.




The PENTECOSTAL CHURCHES are not left out in this drive; they have embraced the whole teachings of Christ for marketing all over the religion, economic, social, political, and even cultural teachings in the market.




In the mystic Corporis Pope Pius XII Encyclical 1943 described the true church of Christ as the Holy Pentecostal Apostolic Roman Church and St Paul in one of his teachings says that the church is the body of Christ and that Christ is the head of the body, therefore he vividly depicts the inner spiritual connection between Christ and his church restored by faith, charity and grace.










             In every street of our urban and rural towns there is one form of church or the other. However, these churches have one common theme; massive evangelization and they tend to preach good virtues of Christ no matter the number of services they hold, the church ground is always filled to the brim showcasing massive fellowship. But a look at the other side of the story is like opening a can of worm – corruption, bribery, armed robbery, and prostitution and child sales. The list is endless. Then the avid scholar will be forced to imagine where these evil perpetrators came from. Is it not the same “Good followers” that indulges in this crime?




            Well, it is these questions that lured the researcher to dive in as to unearth the problems associated in the marketing of church services using some selected Pentecostal churches in Enugu Metropolis as a case study.






 The main objective of the study is to achieve the following:


1)      To identify the problems associated in the marketing of church services.


2)      To find if the church members are satisfied with the services provided by the






3)    To identify and evaluate the activities provided by the church.


4)      To find out whether or not the church activities or programmes providers apply effective marketing concepts in providing truthful services to members.


5)      To formulate marketing strategies in providing church services and make


recommendations that would be more effective in the marketing of church services.






The understanding of the research objectives gives rise to the answers to these research questions:


1)      Are the members of the congregation satisfied with the church programmes?  


2)      Do church leaders seek to apply marketing concept as to satisfy the congregation?


3)    Do the clergy and leaders of the congregation seek for opinion from members?


4)    Does the church have promotional campaign in the mass media?


5)    Do most of the churches loose members to other congregations or break out? 










The study will benefit the selected Pentecostal churches, the members, the general public and intending future researchers on a related field.




To the selected Pentecostal churches, the study will help them to know how best to provide services that will satisfy the target market. The satisfaction of their needs entails enriching their minds and spirit with the gospel of Christ.




To the general public it will help them to assess the Pentecostal churches that is actually drawing followers to Christ or trying to make ends meet. This finding will equally help them to know the churches that believe in doing what I say but don’t do what I do.


The research report will equally help intending researchers on a related field as it will act as a stepping stone for their success.




Finally, the researcher equally gained knowledge on the course of trying to find solutions to the research problem.






 This study would have covered the entire Pentecostal churches in Enugu Metropolis but due to some constraints the research work will be limited to Deeper Life Bible Church Abakpa, Mountain of Fire Ministries Ziks Avenue and Christ Apostolic Church Idaw River Enugu.


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