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This work intends to provide a computer based system for the maintenance of personnel records of employees in organization. The work addresses limitations identified with manual method of handling personnel records of employees in a firm by providing a better platform to eliminate fraud, corruption, file hiding and misplacement, records falsification, duplication, fragmentation, inconsistencies and other vices attendant with manual method of handling personnel records. The Personnel Information System (PIS) software is a user friendly package that gives one the fit to accurately monitor employees' records effortless. With Personnel Information System (PIS), the personnel records of employees in a firm regardless of their place of assignment are simultaneously integrated and rationalized through the creation of a single system that provides accurate information to all in a time and cost efficient manner. This software is designed for stand-alone windows environment, but has the ability to be networked. The interface is Visual Basic language with the structured query language (SQL). The implementation of the system will provide speedy retrieval of data as well as enhancing effective and efficient data




This chapter introduces and presents the baseline of the thesis. It provides an overview of the study and the important issues that will be discussed and investigated


Personnel Information System is a computer based system for the maintenance of the service registers of individuals in an organization. According to Hicks and Gullet (19974; 316), "An information system may be defined as an organized way of sending, receiving and recording messages". Traditionally, personnel record for federal public servants of any organization in a country like ours are held in three places namely: Open and secret register of the organization at the headquarters for all the staff of the organization in the nation. The state offices for all the staff in each particular state and local government area offices for staff posted to the local government area where applicable.

There are also operational departmental records for staff at the headquarters and states head offices. This, however, led to duplication, fragmentation and inconsistencies in records of staff. Whereas, a firm's information system should be unified, there should be no contradictions, no overlaps, and no gaps.

Information needed by many departments should be collected by one source, stored and made available to any section of the organization that needs it (Unamka and Ewurum 1995; 329). Therefore, the Data are inaccurate and thus unreliable as a basis for decision making.


For the past four decades, manual personnel data management system has been used. This method has its problems and it has been proved to be very ineffective and inefficient, and some of the problems identified are:

• Manual method of preparing, gathering and processing data as a personnel management function entails considerable manual efforts. Thus manual method is cumbersome, tiresome, boring, frustrating and time consuming.

• Manual method has a lot of discrepancies.


This project seeks to design and develop an efficient and effective Personnel Information System (PIS) using National Population Commission as a case study. It also aims at identifying the importance of Personnel Information System in handling personnel records against the manual method. Specifically, the following are the objective of the study.

• To identify the various problems of manual approach towards handling Personnel Information System in the Commission.

• To identify and eliminate the major problems encountered through the use of manual method of processing personnel information like falsification of records, ghost workers among others.

• To develop an integrated and rationalized Personnel Information System in NPopC. • To suggest other measures that will help in eradicating the problem associated with manual method of handling personnel information matters.

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