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1.1 Background

As computer and electronics technology continues to grow over the ages, many new innovations continue to flood the industry, creating machine and avenues through which human activities can be enhanced.

The development video messaging over media is an important aspect of this growth in technology. Such information was then able to be packaged and transmitted remotely from source to intended users. But this was rarely a real time scenario. The best we can get out of this was a live coverage of an event, which was usually of high cost and difficult for individuals to own.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The major objective of this work is to develop a Computer Based Teleconference. It also targets at contributing to academic research work.

1.3 Justification for the project

The need for a teleconference system is obvious for several reasons as shown below:

a.) It Impacts on education by allowing live participation without physically being present for a lecture

b.) Legal issues can still be treated even when a person is not fit to go to court

c.) Press men can attained international conferences without having to be physically present

1.4 Scope of the Project

The scope of this work will include the following

a. A dynamic Network system that can communicate in real time

b. To be able to implement a video streaming server.

c. Explore the power of visual basic in data handling

1.5 Project Report Organization

This report is organized into five chapters. The first chapter takes care of introduction: background, aims and objectives, justification, and scope of the project. Chapter two is the literature review. Chapter three is the project methodology, analysis, limitations of the existing system, system design, system flowchart and top down design were done. The input, processing and output modules are critically analyzed.

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